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Plant & Equipment

To guarantee 100% client satisfaction, we have invested in modern equipment. These include:

  • Earthworks – All heavy machinery involved in excavation, drilling, carting away, back filling, fuel tankers, water tankers, tippers, leveling and compaction.
  • Concrete – Concrete batching, concrete handling – pumps/ dumpers, transit-mixers.
  • Aggregate – Crushing plant.
  • Construction Support Tools – Tower cranes, mobile cranes, Generators, Compressors, scaffolding, pumps, tanks, field station and general maintenance equipment.


Truck Mounted Boom Pump KCJ 587U Schwing Stetter 1 Owned
8cub Transit Mixer Truck   FAW 2 Owned
8cub Transit Mixer Truck   Bharat Benz 2 Owned
 JZC500L Reversible Mixer   Ningbo Owned 
 JZC350 Reversible Mixer   Ningbo Owned 
 Universal Concrete Mixer RM800   Universal  Owned 
 800 L Reversible Concrete Mixers   Top all China  Owned 
 Concrete Pump - 703 D - Aquarius make   Aquarius Owned 
Block Making Machine (Base Line) - Model QFT5-15   QTF5-15 (Base Line) 1 Owned 
Volumetric Mixer of Capacity 25 CBM per Hour (Electrical)   JS500 Owned 
Batching Plant 30 CBM per Hour   Aquarius  Owned 
Batching Plant 30 CBM per Hour - CP30   Schwing Stetter Owned 
Batching Plant 18 CBM per Hour - CP18   Schwing Stetter  Owned 
Volumetric Mixer of Capacity 25 CBM per Hour (Electrical) JS 500   Qunfeng Owned 
Honda Porker Vibrator   Honda Owned 
Concrete Vibrator / Porker   Dynapac Owned 
Mixer Machine   Winget Owned 
Mixer Machine - 400 Litres   Winget B16 Owned 
Crusher Machine     Owned 
Water Pump   Dynapac Lister Owned 
Water Pump (Pedrollo top multi 20 45KW - S4PV)     Owned 
 Vertical Transport Equipment        
Cattaneo Self Erecting Crane    Cattaneo Owned
Terex Self Erecting Tower Crane    Terex Owned 
Tower Crane J5010 65M    Jaso Owned 
Construction Lifter SSBD80    Ningbo Owned 
Hoists - Double Rope    DLD 1000 Owned 
Hoists - Double Rope    SLD 1000 Owned 
Hoist    Honda Owned 
Pick and Carry Crane    Escorts Owned 
Hyundai Fork Lift    Hyundai Owned 
Bulldozer    Caterpiller D4K 1 Owned
Double Drum Walk Behind Roller (Atlas Copco) LP 6500    Atlas Copco Owned
Dynapac Rammer - Model LT 6000    Dynapac - Atlas Copco Owned 
Excavator - BC EXC 442 (Bobcat)    Bobcat Excavator Owned 
Rock Breaker     Owned 
Hydraulic Breaker (SB43 model) - operating weight 375Kg    Soosan Owned 
Hydraulic Rock Breaker : Soosan SB70    Soosan Owned 
Roller (Tandem - Benford TV 1300)    Benford TV 1300 1 Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator (Track Type) - Hyundai R210LC    Hyundai 1 Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator RC300LC    Hyundai Owned 
Hydraulic Breaker SB105    Soosan Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator (Track Type) - JS140    JCB Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator DX340    Doosan Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator SK210HD    Kobelco Owned 
Hydraulic Excavator JS210    JCB Owned 
Hydraulic Breaker    Tiger Owned
Compressor    Atlas Copco Owned
Plate Compactor    Vibromax Owned 
Motor Grader    Champion Owned 
Motor Grader    Traxbuild Owned 
Wheel Loader    HSD Owned 
Wheel Loader ZL 20    Ningbo Owned 
Chain Loader    Komatsu Owned 
Shovel    Komatsu D65 Owned
Bull Dozer    Komatsu D65 Owned
Excavator Neuson 2503 - 29HP (KW 18)    Neuson   Owned
Caterpillar Crawler / Tractor    Caterpillar Crawler 1 Owned
Compressor (Ingersoll Rand)    Ingersoll - Rand Owned 
Tow Type Roller    Lister Owned
Roller - Walk Behind Roller - DX700E     Owned
Roller Compactor - double drum    Ingersoll - Rand 1 Owned
KBJ 265V    Water Tanker

8 Tons

Plate Compactor    Ningbo Owned
Vibratory Roller    Case Owned
Double Drum Walk Behind Roller    Ningbo Owned
 Steel Cutters/Bending Machines        
Bar Cutter Machine    GQ40  1 Owned
Bar Bending Machine    GW40 Owned 
Bar Bending Machine    Trillor Owned 
Bar Cutter Machine    Ningbo Owned 
Bar Bending Machine    Ningbo Owned 
Power Tools & Equipment        
Generator - Diesel With Engine (16 HP)    8 KVA 1 Owned
Generator - Diesel Model 6700 W    5 KVA Owned 
Generator - Diesel Model C70D50    Car & General -70 KVA Owned 
Leypower Generator 100KVA    Ashok Leyland   Owned 
Generator - ProMax 7500 EA    Car & General Owned 
Generator - Ashok Leyland Leypower Diesel Generator (40 KVA)    Ashok Leyland Owned 
Generator    CAT 166 KVA Owned 
Generator    Honda 26 KVA Owned 
Generator - DC106S    Cummings - 106KVA Owned 
Caterpillar Generator 166KVA    CAT 166 KVA Owned 
Welding Machine    Lombardini Motor Owned 
Superwatt Generator 40KVA    Superwatt Owned 
6" Gauge Planner     Owned 
6" Planner     Owned 
6" Combination Machine     Owned 
1.5" Bandsaw     Owned 
Ripsaw     Owned 
Planner     Owned 
Edge bander     Owned 
Large Sander     Owned 
Small Sander     Owned 
Combined Planner and Thcknesser     Owned 
Cross Cut Saw     Owned 
Router     Owned 
Spindle Moulder     Owned 
Cordless Drill     Owned 
Table Panel Saw     Owned 
Pad Sander    Wadkin BGA Owned
Panel Saw    Altendorf F90 Owned 
Edge bander 3mm    Maggi ES3/50 Owned 
 Arc Welding Machine 3Phase     Owned 
 Grinding Machine 9"     Owned 
 Chop Saw 14"     Owned 
 Bench Grinder Dual 19"     Owned 
Drill Machines      15  Owned 
Cast iron Welding Machine     1 Owned 
Gas Welding     Owned 
Brazing Welding     Owned 
Mig Welding     Owned 
Sawmill HU236    Scott & Sargeant Owned 
SH Moulder GB6    Scott & Sargeant Owned 
SH Surfacer    Scott & Sargeant Owned 
SH Tenoner ECA3    Scott & Sargeant Owned 
SH Thick CM-609C    Scott & Sargeant Owned 
Stone Cutting Machines     Owned 
Survey Equipment        
Theodolite     2 Owned
Dumpy Level     Owned 
Vehicle Transport Equipment        
KCE 366T  FVZ  Isuzu   Owned
KCE 367T  FVZ  Isuzu   Owned 
KCE 368T  FVZ  Isuzu   Owned 
KCD 419Q – Tipper  PRIMA 2528  TATA 28 Tons Owned 
KCD 290Q- Tipper  PRIMA 2528  TATA 28 Tons Owned 
KCD 232Q – Tipper  PRIMA 2528  TATA 28 Tons Owned 
KCD 235Q - Tipper  PRIMA 2528  TATA 28 Tons Owned 
KCA 466S - TIPPER  LPK 2523  TATA 24 Tons Owned 
KCA 467S - Tipper  LPK 2523  TATA 24 Tons Owned 
KCA 468S -Tipper  LPK 2523  TATA 24 Tons  Owned 
KCA 469S - Tipper  LPK 2523  TATA 24 Tons  Owned 
KBZ 476P - Tipper  CA 4161  FAW 24 Tons  Owned 
KBZ 485P - Tipper  CA 4161  FAW 24 Tons  Owned 
KBZ 493P - Tipper  CA 4161  FAW 24 Tons  Owned 
KBZ 495P - Tipper  CA 4161  FAW 24 Tons  Owned 
Benford Dumper - Model PS6000R    Benford 2 Owned 
Dumper (Diesel Engine) - Model FCIA     Owned 
Dumpers    Winget Owned 
Dumpers FC10 - 1150 Kg.     Owned 
Dumper 3 tonne    Benford Owned 
Dumper 3 tonne    Thwaites Owned 
Dumper 6 Tonne    Neuson Owned 
Dumper 9 Tonne    Barford Owned 
Prime Mover - 6 x 4 - FAW - Model CA 4322    FAW Owned 
KBK 665X  Isuzu FVZ 23S  Truck 15 Tons  Owned 
KBM 852H  Ashok Leyland - 1518  Fuel Tanker 14 Tons  Owned 
KBN 790V  Leyland Tipper  Tipper 24 Tons  Owned 
KBN 791V  Leyland Tipper  Tipper   Owned 
HZVB Trailer  Low-loader - 3 Axle  Trailer   Owned 
KBL 638D  Isuzu FVZ 23S  Truck  15 Tons Owned 
KBL 681W  Ashok Leyland - 2516  Tipper  15 Tons Owned 
KBL 680W  Ashok Leyland - 2516  Tipper  14 Tons Owned 
KBE 255E  Eicher Terra  Tipper  14 Tons Owned 
KBR 896P  Tata Truck LPK 2523  Tipper  14 Tons Owned 
KBJ 265V  Faw Fighter   Water Tanker  14 Tons Owned 
KBK 782X  Ashok Leyland  Tipper  8 Tons Owned 
KAT 518S  Hyundai   Truck  14 Tons Owned 
KBD 984P  Isuzu FVX 23S  Truck  7 Tons Owned 
KBD 980P  Isuzu FVX 23S  Truck  15 Tons Owned 
KAW 885D  Hyundai HD 72  Truck  15 Tons Owned 
KAT 975H  Hyundai HD 72  Truck  4 Tons Owned 
KAW 479D  Tata Truck LPK 2516  Tipper  4 Tons Owned 
KAW 481D  Tata Truck LPK 2516  Tipper  14 Tons Owned 
KBB 231X  Isuzu TFR 54 (4x2)  Pick Up  14 Tons Owned 
KBB 163X  Isuzu TFR 54 (4x2)  Pick Up  1 Tons Owned 
KAT 687Z  Toyota Liteace  Pick Up  1 Tons Owned 
KAE 447W & ZA 1157  Iveco Truck & Trailer  Low Bed  1.2 Tons Owned 
KAE 075Y  Iveco Truck & Trailer  Truck  40 Tons Owned 
KAA 979R  Fiat 682  Tipper  10 Tons Owned 
KAA 206K Fiat 682  Tipper   10 Tons Owned 
KAA 205K Fiat 682  Tipper   10 Tons Owned 
KAC 328P  Fiat B/Turquoise  Tanker  10 Tons Owned 
KAB 947C  Fuso  Tipper  10 Tons Owned 
KAA 933J  Isuzu  Truck  3 Tons Owned
KZA 469  Isuzu  Truck  3 Tons Owned
KRT 006 & ZA 2896  Truck & Trailer  Truck & Trailer  14 Tons Owned
KMCG 096Y  Zongshen  Motor Cycle   Owned
KMCS 699V  Premier  Motor Cycle   Owned 
Trailer Low loader - 3 Axle  ZE 0860  Trailer HZVB  1 Owned 
Tipper Trailers  Bhachu Trailers  Tipper  4 Owned
Scaffolding      15000 Owned
Metal trappers      15000  Owned 

At our Head Office we have our support workshops, fleet management system, concrete block making plant, concrete batching plant, as well as the parking yard for our heavy equipment and project materials.